Innovation is part of Euroclear's DNA from the very start

In 2021, we launched the first Euroclear Hackathon, an event designed to boost disruptive innovation and entrepreneurship by finding solutions to our unique business challenges.

In 2022, the Euroclear Hackathon was a fully hybrid event where Euroclear employees had the opportunity to tackle four business challenges, from sustainability to resilience.  

Ten ideas for a two-day coding marathon

After the first phase which involved over 200 participants and 30 teams pitching their unique takes on the challenges, ten ideas were selected to compete in the Hackathon final stage, a two-day coding marathon.

The event, broadcasted live across all Euroclear locations, saw teams working together from the Brussels office and remotely, as well as live talks on innovation culture featuring Euroclear senior representatives and personalities like Julien Birkinshaw, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the London Business School.

Social challenge

At Euroclear we believe in leveraging innovation for the greater good. That is why we also added a 'social challenge' to the Hackathon - encouraging our employees to identify innovative solutions in support of refugees worldwide.

The response to the social challenge was overwhelming, with six ideas pitched to the Euroclear Management Committee to assess how we can bring them to fruition.   

The Euroclear Hackathon is more than an event - it's a movement of people, innovation and collaboration for a better common future.  

We can’t wait to share more of the journey with you! 

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