EasyWay Reports

We understand that trying to keep a clear view of all your activity can be time-consuming and challenging.

The complexity that comes from having to access different reports using different, often ad-hoc, tools is never easy.

Which is why we are extremely pleased to introduce you to a completely new, simple and innovative way to access you reports : Euroclear EasyWay® Reports.

Not just another reporting tool

EasyWay Reports is a tool that was created to meet your key requirements. Its core attributes are centred around reliability and ease of use.

Which means you can easily access the information you need through three intuitive steps:

  1. Select the type of report you need from an user-friendly list
  2. Fine tune the information you will be retrieving by selecting the parameters you need
  3. Download your report
  4. Save your reports parameters for easy reuse

And because it's all about making life as easy as possible for you, the whole process is done through one single EasyWay page.

Building a centralised place for all your reporting activity

The EasyWay Reports module already has a large number of the most commonly used reports available for download and we will be adding more in due course, including:

  • A wide range of existing Euclid reports
  • Euroclear Self Service Centre reports
  • New EasyWay reports

Stay tuned for more

We are already at work to enhance EasyWay Reports further with interesting developments in the pipeline:

  • Schedule reports to automatically generate at a certain time/frequency or following a certain event (for example: Euroclear Bank “end of day”)
  • Send reports to a specific connectivity point (File transfer)  

Sign up for EasyWay Reports now

To find out more or to sign up for EasyWay Reports, please contact your Relationship Manager