EasyWay Depot

We know that the one thing you never have enough of is time.

Wasting it while you try to reconcile your settlement, corporate actions or collateral management movements and breaks is frustrating and doesn't always yield the results you’d hoped for.

We are delighted to introduce the solution to your reconciliation problems: Euroclear EasyWa® Depot.

How EasyWay Depot can help you

We developed EasyWay Depot as a tool for reconciliation teams across firms.

It can help you:

  • reconcile past and current balances
  • investigate breaks
  • dig into booked movements 
  • view detailed movement information
  • consult movement details in relevant EasyWay modules (Settlement, Corporate Actions and Collateral Management)

Unprecedented flexibility

And because we understand that desks do not always share the same needs, we have built in a number of ways for you to access your data.

  • The security view – displays your complete balance across accounts for a particular security. You can drill down further into individual balances.
  • The inquiry view – allows you to search for movements on balances using detailed criteria. Provides detailed lists with balance and movement details.
  • The account details view – the drill-down from both security and inquiry views. Provides more detailed information on movements and balances e.g. settlement reference.

Stay tuned for more

We are already at work to enhance the depot management service further with interesting developments in the pipeline:

  • enhanced alignment with EasyWay Settlement
  • enhanced query functionality on movements
  • additional information on projected balances
  • ability to filter results per location of holding
  • ability to export reports

Balances menu
Movements menu

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