The Collateral Management Utility (CMU)

Automating collateral management tasks; re-positioning inventory seamlessly across settlement locations; making collateral available wherever and whenever it is needed.

The CMU benefits all market participants, whether managing exposures related to derivatives, securities financing and other transaction types. It reduces collateral processing risk, and allows you to seamlessly allocate securities directly into your counterparty’s collateral account. In the financing market, through continuous collateral processing, the CMU reduces usage of intra-day credit and widens broker-dealers’ funding bases, enabling them to access assets whether held at DTC, Euroclear or elsewhere.

Inventory Management Service (IMS)

The IMS lets you mobilise US assets into the international collateral ecosystem, via Euroclear’s Collateral Highway. IMS will also automatically recall your US assets when you need them back in the US. This makes your collateral optimisation activities truly global.

Collateral Management Service (CMS)

The CMS takes a proven and robust triparty solution – successfully used in Europe for over two decades – and brings that automated and real-time collateral management platform to the US market.

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Olivier de Schaetzen

Head of Product Solutions - Collateral Management

Joyce Thormann

Director, Sales and Relationship Management