Taskize key topics

To help you easily navigate and access content on Taskize, we have centralised the below key topics of client interests and the corresponding resources.

Taskize bubbles

Taskize - Creating a Bubble

Bubbles are records of interactions within or between clients of Taskize.

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Bubble Blotter in Taskize

Discover how Taskize Bubble Blotter allows prioritisation and management of work.

Learn how it allows you to prioritise and manage work

Taskize for CSDR penalty appeals - Euroclear Bank clients

A step-by-step guide for submitting penalty appeals via Taskize.

See how Taskize can support your Euroclear Bank activities

Archiving Bubbles


Taskize provides the ability for organisations to both automatically and manually retrieve Bubble archives and transcripts via the following 3 methods:

• Viewed on and downloaded manually from the Files page in the Administration view of the Taskize user interface

• Accessed by the Bubble Archive API

• Uploaded to an SFTP location

It is the responsibility of the organisation to setup their appropriate archiving solution while the archive files are maintained within the system for 13 months. After this period, they are deleted from Taskize, and can only be accessed through the organisation’s archiving solution.


EasyWay and Taskize integration

Taskize - EasyWay Integration

With this easy to follow video, learn how to drill into unmatched settlement instruction from the main dashboard.

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Taskize for CSDR Settlement Discipline

Taskize is a secure and easy to use web-based platform designed for fast and efficient inter-company issue resolution. Its online collaboration workflows enable you to work directly with our client service teams and your counterparties, regardless of location or market. The result is improved response time, faster resolutions and more control over your activity.

Euroclear support for Taskize


Taskize webinars: Introduction and best practices

Whether you're new to Taskize or looking to further optimise the experience - this webinar will help you achieve secure, efficient and cost-effective query resolution.

Discover how Taskize 'makes work flow'