Euroclear Sweden report reveals a market uptick of 20,522 shareholders year-on-year

A new report, Aktieägandet i Sverige (The Shareholding in Sweden) published by the Swedish Central Securities Depository, Euroclear Sweden has revealed almost one fifth of all Swedes, approximately 1.8 million people, own shares. In total, private individuals constitute 86% of all unique shareholders, but represent 11% of the Swedish market value. The largest proportion of the market value, 48%, is comprised of Swedish institutions and companies, representing 2% of all unique shareholders. The report found that foreign ownership is also increasing; representing 12% of the unique shareholders with their holdings constituting 41% of the market value.

The report found that, in total, there are approximately 2.1 million unique shareholders in Swedish limited companies affiliated to Euroclear Sweden with the number of unique shareholders increasing by 20,522 in 2017. Unique shareholders consist of both Swedish and foreign private investors and institutions. On average, each shareholder had 3.8 Swedish companies in their portfolio, an increase from 2.9, ten years ago.

“Shareholding in Sweden had decreased between 2000 and 2014, but since then, we have seen an increase. The data shows a correlation between shareholding and the performance of the stock exchange, but also new digital solutions have most likely had an impact as it has become easier to buy and own shares”, says Anders Löfgren, Chief Business Development Officer, Euroclear Sweden.

At the end of last year, approximately 1.1 million men and 750,000 women owned shares in Sweden, a distribution equivalent to about 60% of men and 40% of women. Most shares are owned by the 61-70 age group. The age group of people between 21 and 30 years of age has seen the highest increase in shareholding - 39% over a five-year period.

The Nasdaq Stockholm-listed companies with the highest number of shareholders are Telia (496,434), followed by Ericsson, Swedbank, SEB and H&M. Kinnevik gained the highest number of new owners during 2017, with an increase of 22.9% to 24,274, followed by SCA, Skanska and Investor. Ratos, Ericsson and Tele2 saw their number of shareholders decrease the most in 2017.

”It is natural for a company to have fewer owners over time unless the company undergoes a specific event, for example a new share issue, acquisition or something similar”, says Krister Modin, Analyst at Euroclear Sweden.

Foreign shareholders in Swedish companies have increased over the last five years according to the report, with 12% of the total number of unique shareholders now registered abroad. The group of foreign shareholders primarily consists of institutions and companies, now owning 41% of the market value of listed Swedish companies. Nordea has the largest proportion of foreign shareholders, in terms of voting rights, at 76%.

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The Shareholding in Sweden 2017

About the report

The report is produced by Euroclear Sweden and contains data for all listed Swedish companies as well as unlisted companies affiliated to Euroclear Sweden, 1,380 companies in total. The basis for the report extends until the end of 2017. The summaries in the report which deal with market values refer to all companies listed in Sweden where a market capitalisation was registered as at 31 December 2017. The term unique shareholder refers to a private individual or legal entity which owns shares and is only counted once, regardless of whether the shareholder owns shares in one or more companies.

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