The Shareholding in Sweden 2017

A report from Euroclear Sweden

This is the first edition of Euroclear Sweden's report The Shareholding in Sweden.

This report describes the shareholding in Swedish limited companies. As the Central Securities Depository in Sweden, we hold the official register of the shareholding in all listed Swedish companies.

The data in the report is based on all Swedish listed companies, as well as Swedish unlisted companies affiliated to Euroclear Sweden's securities system.

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Did you know that...

  • There are a total of 2.1 million unique shareholders in Swedish limited companies, including both Swedish and foreign private individuals and institutions.
  • The number of shareholders has increased by 20,522 in 2017. 

  • Swedish institutions and companies represent 2 per cent of the total number of unique shareholders, but own the largest proportion of the market value of shares in Swedish listed companies at 48 per cent.

  • Foreign shareholders increased and represent 12 per cent of the total number of unique shareholders, owning 41 per cent of the market value.
  • More men than women own shares. About 1.1 million men and 750,000 women own shares in Sweden. In terms of percentages, this distribution is just under 60 per cent for men and 40 per cent for women. 

  • Shareholding among young adults between 21-30 years increased the most - 39% over a five-year period. The 61–70 age group owns the largest proportion of the total number of shares.

  • The company with the most shareholders in Sweden is Telia, followed by Ericsson, Swedbank, SEB and H&M.

Download the full report to read more about the shareholding in Swedish limited companies.

About the report

Euroclear Sweden's supporting data provides the ability to survey how share ownership develops over time, how it differs between men and women, different age groups and different geographical regions, and what differences exist between private individuals and institutional shareholders.

The report also provides the ability to look more closely at the ownership of Sweden's largest companies in terms of the number of shareholders and to compare Swedish and foreign ownership. This edition also describes historical trends in Swedish share ownership since the beginning of the 2000s.


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