Brussels, 15 May 2023

Looking forward to welcoming you at the Central Bank Workshop will in person on 15 May.

Hosted in Brussels, it will offer plenty of opportunities to network with your peers from the Central bank communities. 

This year's event is currently planned to start at 13:30 and end around 18:00 (can be subject to changes) followed by a cocktail.

We are continuing to build our programme and we encourage you to return to this page for all the latest information.

Dedicated to the Central Bank communities

From Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), ESG, DLT, to reserve management, we will explore the topics most relevant to you through a mix of forward thinking discussions and a keynote speech.

Invitations with full details, including the agenda and how to register will be sent out in early March.

Join the Euroclear Collateral Conference

Immediately following the Central Bank Workshop, you are invited to attend the Euroclear Collateral Conference on 16-17 May in Brussels.

With over 600 peers and experts in collateral management and securities financing, the Conference will reconnect the Collateral Highway community though an inclusive and interactive experience. 

All Euroclear Central Bank Workshop invitees are welcome to join us at the Euroclear Collateral Conference. 

Interested in attending? Let us know

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15 May 2023