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Euroclear UK & Ireland

Quicker, easier resolution of your operational queries

When you have a question about your operational activity, we want to make sure you have the information you need easily at hand and as quickly as possible.

That is why we have embraced Taskize to help us move towards a more collaborative client service approach and progressively replace traditional channels like phone and email.

Taskize is free of charge for your Euroclear UK & Ireland activity and it’s easy to get started. We encourage you to find out more about the benefit of Taskize for your business.

Thank you for joining us on this collaborative journey!

Why Taskize?

Taskize is a secure and easy to use web-based platform designed for fast and efficient problem solving. Its online chat function enables you to work directly with our client service teams and your counterparties, regardless of location. The result is improved response time, increased accuracy and more control over your activity. Find out below how to get started!

3 steps to get started using Taskize

A smarter way of working

1. Learn more about Taskize

Find out more about the benefits of Taskize for you.

Watch this short presentation Taskize: A new client service channel for Euroclear UK and Ireland clients >

Your Account or Relationship Manager can also help with any questions.

Transforming the back office

2. Complete the online enrolment form

Complete one online enrolment form per company to start the onboarding process.

Access the Taskize enrolment form here >

Get started today

3. See how to set up and use

You’re almost ready to get started!

Follow a setup and user training webinar from your desk (recommended after you send in your Taskize enrolment form).

Join a webinar here >

Looking for more information?

A smarter way of working for back office operations

Taskize’s smart directory allows you to connect with the right people in the right functions whether at Euroclear UK & Ireland, with your counterparties or within your own back office. And because all parties share the same source of information, there’s no more confusion about what the problem is.

You can use Taskize for your settlement, corporate actions, tax, income, collateral management and funds activity.

Spend less time resolving issues 
brings the right people together to come to a solution quicker

Reduce costs
helps you meet your deadlines and make better use of your resources

Comply with regulations
provides transparency and an audit trail to meet reporting obligations

Euroclear and Taskize

Taskize is a privately owned company backed by Euroclear.

As a global market infrastructure connecting over 2,000 of the world’s largest financial institutions, we at Euroclear fully understand the challenges our clients face to increase back-office efficiency.

Operational issues, and the costs associated with solving them, are a mutual concern for everyone in our industry, and it requires a mutual solution. New ways of working that can help avoid unnecessary inefficiencies and provide a secure environment with a complete audit trail of issue resolution paths are a clear benefit for the financial community as a whole.

Taskize can easily be extended for use beyond your Euroclear business flows. And it can be used within your organisation to help you navigate across teams and regions.

To find out more, contact your Euroclear Account or Relationship Manager, or Taskize at