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Further reduced fees for Euroclear Sweden Plug & Clear

We are continuing to reduce the fees for our Plug & Clear service.

As of 1 July, the activity fee is SEK 5 from previous SEK 8 for warrants and standardised certificates issued via Plug & Clear. The adjustment is a part of our long term strategy to continue to support our customers with more efficient processes, reduced risks and lower costs.

In addition to above, in April we reduced the affiliation and issuance fee from SEK 350 from previous SEK 450 for all warrants and standardised certificates affiliated and issued via Plug & Clear.

About the service

Plug & Clear allows you to reduce your operational complexity, as the whole affiliation and issuance process is automated. The service covers everything from affiliation and issuance to de-registration and final redemption of warrants and standardised certificates.

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