Private investor services

Euroclear Sweden

As an investor, you can open an owner-registered securities account (vp-account) with us through your bank or broker.

With this account:

  • your holdings in Euroclear Sweden-eligible securities will be registered in your name.
  • you will be automatically part of the public register of shares (for your equities) and the general meeting register of shareholders

Apart from the safekeeping of your securities in our highly secure book-entry system, you also get information on your:

  • declaration of income-tax return 
  • annual statement 
  • dividend payments, changes in holdings and more

Log on to the IssuerCorner

Manage your shareholder register, general meetings and get access to other reports

How to become a client

By becoming a client of Euroclear Sweden, you gain access to the widest range of counterparties and financial instruments