Euroclear France

In France, our FundsPlace solution is the market leader for routing and settlement of international and domestic funds.

We understand the challenges and opportunities that regulations and pressure on costs bring. We also understand you need to focus on what you do best – deliver results for your clients.
We work with local French and international wealth managers, institutional investors, platforms, transfer agents, custodians and fund managers to provide transparency and control with innovation, ease and efficiency.

Why are we the partner of choice?

  • Scale in a secure environment: We provide order routing for more than 1 million fund orders a year and have over €1 trillion of funds under custody.
  • Single gateway for fund issuance in T2S, reaching into the main European markets.
  • Transparency: We offer reporting based on order earmarking. As 98% of our orders are earmarked we can provide a detailed view on who invests in what funds, at what point in time.
  • Full integration with Euronext’s Fund Service.

Our solutions

  • Order routing and management: Mutual funds, hedge funds and ETFs get a single entry point for all fund orders and management, globally. 
  • Asset servicing: Funds get the same market leading asset servicing as bonds and equities, meaning enhanced control and transparency from greater automation, simplification and timely communications.
  • Settlement: Flexible, secure and transparent. This is facility is what you expect from a leading funds infrastructure
  • Cash management: Simple and integrated payment system that allows you to automate, pay upon creation, confirm the order and monitor cash.

How to become a client

Benefit from direct access to the efficient and secure ESES settlement platform. 

Our tariff

Log on to MyEuroclear or go straight through as a guest to view our fees