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Euroclear FundsPlace connects international and domestic wealth managers, institutional investors, platforms, transfer agents, custodians and fund managers in a single global infrastructure.

We give our users access to the world's mutual funds, hedge funds and ETF's in a secure and automated environment.

By setting the standard for technology solutions in our industry, our clients get an innovative and easy to use/set up order routing, settlement and asset servicing solutions. Our focus is on giving you the transparency, control and efficiency you need to compete in a crowded marketplace.


Order routing

Keep your hands on the trade at any moment

Euroclear FundsPlace mutual funds, hedge funds and ETFs get a single entry point for all fund orders and management, globally.

  • One format for all orders and markets
  • Worldwide access: 900+ fund administrators across 27 domiciles worldwide
  • Efficiency and control: Automated order placement, receipt of contract notes and generation of settlement instructions. Real-time order confirmation and order status. 
  • Flexibility in connectivity: Choose from a range of connectivity options with the highest level of security - web browser, SWIFT messaging, host-to-host link.


Flexible, secure and transparent – all you expect from a leading, global funds infrastructure

Choose from a wide range of international and domestic settlement services with standardised reporting throughout the entire lifecycle. 

With one single instruction you get:

  • quick reconciliations
  • fast and efficient payments
  • settlement certainty
  • asset segregation 
  • transparency

Asset servicing

Control and transparency from greater automation, simplification and timely communication

Comprehensive servicing for funds that Euroclear provides for bonds and equities, including:

  • asset reconciliation
  • corporate actions
  • funds database

Why FundsPlace?

We provide access to mutual funds, hedge funds and ETFs for domestic and international markets. You get a range of services to manage the challenges faced in fund transaction processing and servicing.

Reduce costs, risks and complexity

Automate your business to drive down the cost, risk and complexity associated with the manual processing of fund trades. This means greater simplicity, transparency and control inline with regulatory change and institutional investor expectations.

Access to the funds universe

Access the mutual funds, hedge funds and ETFs you need globally.

  • Mutual funds - Our leading mutual fund service connects you to the largest European and offshore investment fund markets and has links to more than 900 fund administrators across 27 domiciles.
  • Hedge funds - Our dedicated hedge fund service provides access to the largest European and offshore investment fund selection. We are also a co-founder member of Global Alternative Investment Automation (GAIA).
  • ETFs - Our flexible approach to ETFs gives you domestic and international settlement, order routing and management. You can even hold your ETFs in the same account as your other securities holdings.

Scale in a secure environment

We provide order routing for more than 11 million fund orders a year and have over €2 trillion of funds under custody. This is wrapped into the secure environment of one of the world's largest providers of securities settlement and related services.

Maximum flexibility

We tailor our approach to fit your exact requirements.

Benefits for you

Wealth Management

  • Single access point to the global funds market with one format for all orders
  • Compliance with regulation requirements
  • Reduced cost, operational risk and increased automation
  • Scalable solution that allows you to grow

Institutional Investors

  • No need for complex and multiple communication links – facilitating new and direct commercial relationships
  • Undisturbed existing provider relationships e.g. custodian, fund promoter 
  • Reduced costs and settlement risks – less manual processing
  • Greater control and transparency from account segregation at agent level

Funds managers

  • Single access point to distributors worldwide
  • No need for complex and multiple communication links – facilitating new and direct commercial relationships
  • Increased automation and reduced costs and settlement risks
  • Links to the leading distribution entities (including banks and platforms)


  • Flexible operating model – to complement your existing investment processing offer 
  • Standard securities settlement process applicable to funds settlement and custody
  • Access to one of the largest reference tables of securities and connections to leading transfer agents
  • Automation in order routing, cash settlement, across multiple currencies

Funds across the Euroclear group

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