What are clients saying?


Gerardo Prieto Moreno
MD Capital Markets Operations - Santander Global Corporate Banking

Why did you start using Taskize?

We started talking to Taskize and Euroclear in 2016, and they told us that they wanted to change the way they communicate with clients, change the way their clients communicate with Euroclear, and change the way banks communicate with each other. It sounded crazy enough, but at the same time very attractive.

Anyone working in operations knows that teams have to spend a lot of time finding contacts, sending queries – whether by email or making phone calls – and chasing for issue resolution.

We liked the proposition to have a single platform where we can share any issues we may have with partners in the industry, and communicate effectively and quickly. That was the intention and the reason we signed up for the programme and supported it from the beginning.

You’ve been using Taskize since 2017. How has it been going?

Using taskize for almost a year

We can confidently say it has worked very well. The team were sceptical in the beginning. People were used to phone calls and had their old ways of doing things. Anyone who has managed change in their organisation knows that pushing people to move differently is complex and it takes time.

We have a very young team that deals with Euroclear today, and they were interested to see the Taskize platform and learn about how the bubbles work. It has a very web 2.0 interface too, which was very appealing to our users and made them curious to see the Taskize platform in action.

What we’re seeing now is that not only are the users very attracted by the use of platform, but also the platform works. It works in that the responses are quick. They’re quick as the users expect them to be.

Everybody uses messaging platforms on the internet today. You expect to send a query and get a response quickly, and that’s what you get with Taskize. You get good responses from the right person, at the right time, and with the information that you need.

In some respects, some of the information we’re getting from Taskize today is better in terms of depth and content than what we used to get with sending emails.

Would you recommend Taskize to others?

Taskize has been a success story for us and I would definitely encourage our peers to find out how it can improve their operational efficiency.

The value of using Taskize increases when as many infrastructures and banks as possible join, so we look forward to seeing it continue to grow.