As part of our D&I programme, we are proud to announce that Euroclear has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Open@work, a Belgian ngo whose main goals are to:

  • Build a cross-company network, focusing on ‘Open and Out at Work’.
  • Join forces in creating an inclusive work environment for the LGBT+ community.
  • Exchange good practices on LGBT+ and ally company networks.

The MOU was signed by Daniel Miseur, not only in his capacity as Chief Human Resources and Communications Officer, but also as Senior Sponsor for the Proud Network at Euroclear. The MOU makes explicit our commitment to building a diverse and inclusive workplace, while condemning any homophobic and transphobic act, attitude or statement. It also formalises our agreement with the main goals of Open@Work. Daniel expressed his support by saying “At Euroclear, we strongly believe in creating an open environment, where everyone can be themselves, speak up freely and thrive at work. That’s why I’m honoured to sign this memorandum of understanding.”

Co-founders of our Euroclear Proud network Claudio Sartorelli and Rafael Alves da Silva and our D&I Officer An Van Doorselaer, were also present at the signing.

This MOU is another step forward in our ESG strategy and builds on our commitment to creating an equitable and inclusive workplace where everyone can be themselves and where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive.