Euro settlement on and from 30 June 2021

Due to the expiry of some of Euroclear UK & Ireland’s regulatory statuses (1), securities constituted under the laws of Ireland (“Irish Securities”) and a small number of securities constituted under the laws of Cyprus, The Netherlands and Luxembourg, which are represented in the CREST system by way of registrar depository interests (‘DIs’) where there is no other CSD in the holding chain will, from close of business on 30 June 2021, no longer be eligible to be settled domestically in the CREST system. 

This means that from close of business on 30 June 2021 and as previously advised:

  • the securities listed by Operational Bulletin will be disabled and expired; and
  • all CREST services in respect of Irish Securities offered by EUI as issuer CSD and the operation of the CREST Irish System are suspended and references to them will be removed from our documentation shortly.

(1) Euroclear UK & Ireland will no longer be a recognised third country CSD pursuant to Article 25 of EU CSD Regulation (Regulation 909/2014/EU) and Euroclear UK & Ireland will no longer operate the system pursuant to the Irish Uncertificated Securities Regulations (Companies Act, 1990 (Uncertificated Securities) Regulations 1996 as amended). Additionally, we expect the CREST Irish System’s settlement finality designation in Ireland and temporary designation in the UK to cease.

Further information

For questions on the impacts of the above on the CREST system, please contact your Euroclear Relationship Manager who remains available to assist.

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