Climate change and an increasing demand for action on social and ethical issues has made sustainable investing, and ESG as a whole, a top priority - while shaping the way companies do business around the globe. Regulators are expanding their focus on incorporating sustainability into investment decision making, but lack of consistent and robust data remains one of the biggest challenges facing asset managers.

During an interview at IMPower Incorporation FundForum 2022 in Monaco, Alexander Stevens, CEO at Greenomy, Vincent Clause, Global Head of Funds Services at Euroclear and A.J. Harper, Head of Sustainable Finance, ETF’s & Asset Managers at Euroclear took a deep dive into the issue and explained how the MFEX by Euroclear-Greenomy partnership enables asset managers to adhere to the European ESG Template (EET), further strengthening the data solutions capabilities and value propositions  Euroclear group offers to asset managers and funds distributors.

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