Negative Yields, Trade Wars, Low Growth, Populism

Video recorded on 15 November 2019 during the Euroclear Collateral Conference 2019

We were delighted to welcome Amlan Roy, Head of Global Macro Policy Research and Senior MD at State Street's Asset Management Division (SSGA) as our keynote speaker at this year’s Euroclear Collateral Conference. The leading global macro researcher provided a fascinating insight into the challenges and considerations needed to be taken into account when forming forward thinking investment strategies.

Energetically delivered, ‘Global Macro in an Abnormal World: Negative Yields, Trade Wars, Low Growth, Populism’ provided delegates with considerable food for thought as Dr Roy took us through his pioneering research and predictions.

The views expressed in the speech are those of Dr Amlan Roy and not necessarily those of State Street Global Advisors and its Affiliates.

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