How to subscribe to operational news on MyEuroclear

Creating an operational news subscription

To create a news subscription, start by searching on the
topics relevant to you in the News & updates app.

Example : show me all Euroclear Bank news

The app works in a what you say is what you get (WYSIWYG) kind of way. The result will immediately show in the middle part of the screen.

If the result is too wide, you can filter your results.

Example : I would like to filter on tax news only, so I add a filter Tax services. As a result, I immediately see all the latest Tax newsflashes appear in the result. 

In fact I want to filter even further. I was only interested in Tax news about Italy. In this case, I can add a filter Italy in the market filter. 

Example : I would like to see what was published last week. I use the From/To selector and enter the date range I am interested in.

Saving your news subscription

Once you are happy with your news overview, you can save the selection to either add it to your dashboard or to receive email notifications on the topic. Simply click 'subscribe'.

Choose a title for your subscription.

Then decide whether you would like to receive email notifications for your topic(s).

  • Email notifications refer to our regular operational news and updates. 
  • Time-critical information includes incident reporting and alerts regarding connectivity-related issues. Note that the time-critical option will not always be available. This depends on whether the combination makes sense. It will be available for the main services and connectivity channels.

Email subscriptions only work with search filters. If you have entered a keyword at the top of your search, it will not be taken into account.

Finding back your news subscription

Once your news subscription is created, you can find it back in different areas.

Under your name at the top right of MyEuroclear (operational news subscriptions)

On the dashboard to configure your default news feed

Within your news & updates app under the favourite subscriptions

How to modify your subscriptions

After accessing your news subscriptions, you can add them to the dashboard, edit them, rename them or delete them.

To unsubscribe, either delete the subscription or change the settings (via Edit) and untick the email box.