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New tariff - valid as of Infinity Release 2

New tariff - valid as of Infinity Release 2

With the second release of our new CSD platform, Infinity, we are simplifying the tariff structure for all instruments to reflect the new services and functionalities. Phase two is the equity release of Infinity which brings large service enhancements especially to the processing of corporate actions, tax services and messaging.

In addition, we have removed redundant services and products from the tariff list.

The tariffs will be valid as of Infinity’s production launch, previously planned for 14 November 2016. The new Release 2 production launch date will be informed separately later.**

We are replacing our core CSD platform in preparation for connecting the Finnish market to the European Central Bank’s TARGET2-Securities (T2S) platform in September 2017. The first phase was launched in February 2015. The second phase of the three-phased roll-out replaces the current equity market systems. Upon completion of this second phase we have finalized the full overhaul of the Finnish CSD IT architecture and adopted to international operating and messaging standards whilst providing enhanced services and products to our clients. 

Client segment  Key changes 

Safekeeping fee

No structural changes on calculation of safekeeping fee. Based on the monthly average value of securities.

Removed Tariff Items
The following tariff items have been removed

• Maintenance of client and account details
• Balance report fee 

Renewed corporate action fees
CSD is now responsible for carrying out the corporate actions in the CSD systems, calculating the entitlements and informing participants about the end results. We also have an automated market claim and transformation management in place which has earlier been completely outside the CSD

• New tariff items for corporate action settlement instructions and corporate action messages


New fees for listed and unlisted companies

Listed Companies
Monthly fee based on the market value and the maintenance of owner register

Unlisted Companies
The fixed monthly fee and the maintenance of owner register

Debt issuers
Unified fee structure for debt instrument issuers since all issuances are now managed in one system, Infinity.  

New tariff will replace old tariffs
The following documents will be replaced with this new document

• Infinity Release 1 tariff
• Tariff for Account Operators and Clearing Participants, Equity Market
• Tariff for Issuers, Equity Market

For participants: Service Description for Release 2 in core
We recommend that as a participant you read the Service Description for Release 2 together with the new Euroclear Finland tariffs. This will give you the full picture of the new Infinity environment and services.

The tariff is available on my.euroclear.com.


The news has been edited on 9 September 2016: We have agreed with market participants on longer testing period for Infinity Release 2 and the new production launch date will be informed separately later.**

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