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Taskize: a new communications channel for fast query resolution


Watch the recording of the webinar, originally broadcasted on Tuesday 13 December 2016

On Monday, 5 December, Euroclear Bank Settlement went live on the Taskize platform. Taskize is a new service that will help the financial services industry make work flow by enabling clients, colleagues and counterparties to address manual interventions efficiently, intelligently and securely.

In this 30-minute webinar, Luigi Bearzatto, Euroclear joins Taskize Limited’s John O'Hara and Philip Slavin to provide more detail on Taskize, its features, and the Euroclear-related offer that can be made available to you.


  • Luigi Bearzatto - Head of Settlement and Cash Services - Euroclear
  • John O'Hara - CEO and Co-Founder - Taskize
  • Philip Slavin - COO and Co-Founder - Taskize


This short factsheet introduces Taskize’s Task Management Utility highlighting the challenges it helps overcome, the key features and benefits of using the service. Taskize standardises manual exception processing across global financial operations to make work flow post trade.

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