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Getting ahead in claims management: Part One

Claims management is a prime example of how increasing efficiency in one area can have a positive domino effect across an entire firm.

And it’s no small matter. Banks generate thousands of claims against each other every day – many of them related to coupon and dividend payments. Yet unlike many other processes, claims management today remains a largely manual and bilateral activity. In other words, it’s costly, time-consuming and prone to error.

In this first part of our series - Getting ahead in claims management - we explore ways in which banks, facing accelerating costs and regulatory pressures, could simplify the way claims are processed.


  • Angus Scott, Head of Product Strategy and Innovation, Euroclear
  • Henry Napier, Vice President, Corporate Actions, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Financial Services and Co-chair of the SIFMA Claims Processing Working Group

Watch the webinar, originally broadcast on Tuesday, 6 June 2017


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Euroclear webinar channel
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