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Portable pensions - win, win, win?

Portable pensions - win, win, win?

Read the transparency edition of the FundsPlace newsletter

FundsPlace Connections: the transparency edition

In this edition, we look at some unresolved issues with MiFID II, Europe’snew data protection regime (GDPR) for an industry that is awash with data. And, we look at the business decision-making processes involved in optimising new technologies.

Changing dynamics between industry players and new, disruptive, business models are driving the need for transparency at every level. And, as millennials enter the market, so too comes a growing demand for immediacy and trust.

In 2018, Euroclear FundsPlace is bringing the industry together with the aim of building solutions to help us all put trust back into ‘the system’. 

Read the summer 2017 edition of the FundsPlace newsletter

FundsPlace Connections #2 - The right Partnership

The funds industry is abuzz with change in every area and many of us are working together to make a difference for the funds ecosystem, especially the investor.

In this edition, we are very fortunate to have a guest contribution on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by TISA (Tax Incentivised Savings Association).

We're ready to support you as the need for the more efficient, digitalised and harmonised exchange of industry information grows – a must for the post-MiFID II environment – while our extensive work in the primary or secondary fund markets means we can help you capitalise on every opportunity irrespective of your strategy.


Download the pdf Fundsplace Connections - #2

Our FundsPlace Connections: N°1 2017 is also available!

FundsPlace Connections: N°1 2017

Read our first FundsPlace newsletter discussing our latest thoughts on MiFID II, T2S and the Funds Industry, RMB ETFs, hedge funds and many more.

We also cover some of our new service enhancements across order routing and management, settlement and asset servicing.


Download the pdf Fundsplace Connections - #1

FundsPlace Connections: N°1 2017
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