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ESES T2S testing update – Successful pre-migration rehearsal

As part of our ongoing commitment to safely migrate the ESES CSDs to T2S, we conducted a pre-migration rehearsal exercise this weekend with VP Lux, VP Securities and the related National Central Banks involved in Wave 3.

This testing was:

  • the first exercise to take place in the new Wave 3 configuration (without involving clients)
  • performed with production-like volumes
  • to prepare for the upcoming migration rehearsal involving clients on 12/13 March 2016

Some ESES facts and figures

  • The migration process was completed three hours ahead of schedule.
  • 231,790 balances were migrated to the T2S platform, with a rejection rate of 1.2%. This generated 460,849 messages in return.
  • 166,321 pending instructions were migrated to the T2S platform, with a rejection rate of 0.5%. This generated 330,887 messages in return.
  • Root causes for rejections have been identified and will be solved before the next migration rehearsal.
  • Out of the 76,584 pending instructions eligible for settlement, 61,422 settled on the T2S platform without any issues. 
  • About 4,000,000 messages were exchanged between the T2S platform and the ESES legacy systems.

ESES migration rehearsal

The second rehearsal for the migration of the ESES CSDs to the T2S platform will take place over the weekend of 12/13 March 2016.

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