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International ETF structure

ETF distribution, liquidity and market efficiency


Europe's ETF market continues to thrive. Interest comes from old and new areas, including China and it's first European RMB ETF.

Euroclear is a leading proponent of change for the global ETF industry.

We connect issuers, prime brokers, market makers, depo banks, agent lenders and custodians to enable the industry to realise its full potential.

Our international ETF structure helps to:

  • create market efficiency 
  • grow your distribution networks
  • facilitate market liquidity

How are we doing this?

  • Settlement efficiency - We continue to lead the way in automating ETF settlement processes to drive down cost and risk across the world’s stock exchanges.
  • Securities lending and borrowing – As a leading provider of securities lending and collateral management services we can automate such processes and help to improve market liquidity and reduce settlement fails.
  • Issuer services - We help issuers move from a local to a worldwide issuance and investor base target quickly and efficiently.
ETFs traditional and international models

International ETFs: Transforming how we work together

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