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Information for suppliers

Euroclear’s suppliers play an important part in our success by helping us deliver cost-effective and high-quality services to our clients.

We believe in creating a strong partnership with our suppliers. We are interested in working with suppliers who fully understand our needs and can support us in a highly competitive environment.

Terms and conditions and minimum standards for suppliers

Authorised signatories app – check our signatures online

If you receive a binding document from us signed by a Euroclear staff member, you can use our Authorised signatories app to find out whether:

  • the person is eligible to sign
  • the person has the right signing authority
  • the signature is authentic

Our Authorised signatories app contains information for:

  • Euroclear Bank
  • Euroclear SA/NV
  • ESES:
    • Euroclear Belgium
    • Euroclear France
    • Euroclear Nederland

What information is included?

Types of commitments
  • contracts: e.g. professional services agreement
  • operational transactions: e.g. credit line extension, stock transfer form, depository certificate
  • other binding transactions: e.g. anti-money laundering statement
Information provided per authorised signatory
  • last name
  • first name
  • signature
  • authorisations: types of commitments for which the signatory is authorised to sign
  • detailed explanation of each authorisation

The Authorised signatories app replaces the monthly paper-based Authorised signatories booklet.

Contact us

If you need any help using the Authorised signatories app, please contact your regular Euroclear contact.

Limosa declarations (only for persons active in Belgium!)

Please consult www.Limosa.be for information on Belgian Limosa obligations.

Proof of Limosa declarations or duly signed exemption forms are to be sent to LimosaEuroclear@euroclear.com 5 days prior to start of services.

All persons subject to Limosa legislation might be requested to provide proof of the required Limosa declaration/exemption form at the start of these services or during the service!

Any questions?

Euroclear Code of Business Conduct

We act with integrity, honesty and openness when dealing with our clients, suppliers and other

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