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Our clients

Our clients. Euroclear's clients include over 2,000 financial institutions located in more than 90 countries and millions of investors.

Global and local custodians, broker dealers, central banks, commercial and investment banks, investment managers, supranational organisations, retail investors and a wide range of issuers benefit from our services.

For institutions, becoming a Euroclear client gives you access to the widest range of counterparties, financial instruments and currencies. Don't settle for anything less than reliable servicing and professionalism from the world’s leading post-trade provider.

For retail investors domiciled in one of the seven countries for which we serve as central securities depository (Belgium, Finland, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden and the UK), different rules and procedures will apply.

Our philosophy is that clients must have easy access to knowledgeable and reliable people. That’s why our multi-lingual, highly trained teams are committed to providing you with top-level, personalised support in any time zone.

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