Euroclear UK & International

I would like to make a formal complaint

At Euroclear, we care about how we do business with our clients. If you are not satisfied with the services we offer, we are keen to address any issues you may be facing.

If you feel you have been affected by the way that Euroclear UK & International provides its services or by the conduct or behaviour of a member of staff, in relation to their duties with Euroclear UK & International, we recommend discussing the issue with your regular contact(s) at Euroclear.

If you have already discussed the issue with your regular contact(s) at Euroclear or you would like to make a formal complaint without first discussing the issue then the please follow the guidance set out below.

For information, the areas covered by Euroclear UK & International’s formal complaints procedure include:

  • mistakes and lack of care
  • unreasonable delay
  • unprofessional behaviour
  • bias
  • lack of integrity
Time limit

We recommend that you file your complaint within three months of the date on which you first became aware of the circumstances giving rise to the complaint. Complaints notified to Euroclear UK & International after the end of the three month period will only be considered if the complainant can show reasonable grounds for delay

How to make a complaint

You can make a formal complaint by sending us an email or a letter:

  • email address:

    Note: please mention 'Formal complaint to Euroclear UK & International' in the subject line of your email

  • postal address:

Euroclear UK & International Limited
Formal complaint to the attention of the Chief Business Officer
33 Cannon Street
London EC4M 5SB
United Kingdom

Please include the following details in your email/letter:

  • your name and address
  • description of the nature and the content of your complaint 
  • the contact details of your Euroclear contact point (if any)
  • any relevant documentation (enclosed with your letter or attached to your email)
What happens next?

We will:

  • acknowledge the receipt of your complaint within a reasonable period of time from its receipt
  • investigate your complaint further and get in touch with the regular contact(s) you mentioned in your complaint
  • (may) request further information and/or seek clarification from you on your complaint
  • provide you with a written response within a reasonable period of time

We will only use this information for the purpose of handling your complaint fairly, promptly and appropriately. We will treat all data collected in accordance with the relevant legal and contractual provisions on confidentiality and personal data.


If you are not happy with the resolution we have offered and the complaint is in respect to our regulatory functions then you can appeal against the decision by sending us an email or a letter:

  • email address:

    Note: please mention ‘Complaint appeal to Euroclear UK & International’ in the subject line of your email

  • postal address:
    Euroclear UK & International Limited
    Complaint appeal to the attention of the Chief Business Officer
    33 Cannon Street
    London EC4M 5SB
    United Kingdom

A Complaints Investigator will be appointed that is independent to Euroclear UK & International, to investigate the complaint and provide a report to both the complainant and Euroclear UK & International, detailing the result of his/her investigations and recommendations. The report will be provided within three months of the referral being made. Where more time is needed for the investigation then the Complaints Investigator will inform all the parties involved in the delay.

Any recommendations made by the Complaints Investigator are not binding on Euroclear UK & International. For full details of this process, please refer to the CREST Rules.

For appeals made under the Registrar Service Standards or Settlement Discipline Rules, there is a fee of GBP 500, to cover the cost of the appeal, which will be returned to you if your appeal is upheld.