Carlo Director Collateral Management ‐ Brussels

"Change brings opportunities for those who wish to embrace it, and if you can manage a rapidly changing priority list you can be highly successful here."

Carlo - the Interview

Job Title : Collateral Management Operations

Location : Brussels

How has your career developed over the 15 years you have worked at Euroclear?

It’s been quite a journey! Having completed my masters in Economics at the University of Parma, I decided to broaden my horizons by living in London. I stayed there for three years, initially working in odd jobs: at McDonalds, in a Bureau de Change and finally in a foreign currency trading business. The new millennium started with a bang! I was hired in the Brussels office of Euroclear on 1 January 2000.

My first job at Euroclear was in the Income department in Operations. After just nine months I was promoted to team leader of the Income Coupon team. Since then I have had the opportunity to take up different management opportunities, across the Operations division, including my current position in Collateral Management, an increasingly vital product area for Euroclear and the markets.

What do your team members do on a day-to-day basis?

In my current role, I have a team of around 45 people, based across locations – in Brussels, Braine-L’Alleud (near Brussels), Krakow and Hong Kong.

The first priority of our Collateral Operations team is to provide an excellent day-to-day service to our clients. Newcomers in the team typically start by focusing on simpler tasks, but very soon, as their experience and knowledge grow we raise expectations and trust them with more complex, higher-value challenges. Working in Operations at Euroclear involves much more than simply providing processing services. We are also working on a range of projects in which we engage with various other functions, such as the IT and product development teams, to create real solutions for our clients.

The operations project team frequently takes a lead role in intensive workshops to develop new products, review and sign off business requirements, do the testing and handover to the operations specialists.

Euroclear prides itself on providing stability to the financial markets and protecting our clients’ assets. We also have a small team that focuses exclusively on ensuring that we properly assess the operational risks for each project we are working on, so that we comply with all the requirements related to our role as an International Central Securities Depository.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering a career at Euroclear?

It’s vital to have three attributes: passion, adaptability and, at times, patience.

Passion. I’m Italian so it comes naturally to me! In a business that plays such an important role, it’s really important to care and to have a drive to help our clients succeed.

Being adaptable is a really important skill to have at Euroclear. Systems change, processes evolve, and we experience major shifts in the global financial markets, so coping with the pace of change can be a real challenge. Change brings opportunities for those who wish to embrace it, and if you can manage a rapidly changing priority list you can be highly successful here.

And finally, patience: I think that patience is important because Euroclear is a risk-averse institution and will at times appear to move slowly. From a career point of view this means that it is important to be both ambitious and humble, to invest in your self-development and to seek opportunities


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