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We are all on a journey to advance the transition to open market economies while fostering sustainable and inclusive growth. As one of the world’s leading stewards of capital, we actively engage with the world’s leading and growth economies to foster positive change.


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We continue to work with the world’s supra-nationals and think tanks as we strive to deliver consistent and stable capital markets experience, globally.

Our business leaders regularly speak at market development conferences across the world. Some important ones are detailed below.

Recent engagements:

Citi's Spotlight on Emerging Europe Capital Markets, Bucharest - 17 October 2018

  • Focus: The latest updates on market classifications as well as capital market trends and developments across the Southern and Central Eastern European region. 
  • Session: Post-trading infrastructure: challenges & trends
  • Frank Slagmolen, Global Capital Markets, Euroclear

LAC Debt Group XIV Annual Meeting, Dominican Republic - August 2018

  • Focus: Debt management strategies for current economic conditions
  • Overview: We joined Latin America's ministers of finance and debt management offices to discuss how they could continue to build more robust debt strategies and what this meant for risk management, FX rates and credit ratings. Our panel focused on the introduction of international platforms for the trading, settlement and custody of local securities and how these help develop domestic public debt markets.
  • Frank Slagmolen, Global Capital Markets, Euroclear

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