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Information that adds value

Data today is in plentiful supply. But the real value lies in the information that can be extracted from it and the insights that can be gained to support your business.

Euroclear Information Solutions (EIS) is focused on leveraging data to deliver new services to support our clients – from aiding risk management and compliance, to improving liquidity access, transparency, investment decision-making and more.

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Unlocking understanding

Quality information is key to unlocking insights and opening new opportunities. We are actively seeking solutions that address a wide-range of needs.

  • Trade and Transaction Solutions – Providing bond liquidity information to inform trading decisions

  • Liquidity and Transparency Solutions – Improving transparency on underlying components of complex products such as asset backed securities and loans

  • Risk and Portfolio Management Solutions – Enabling easy access to risk assessment information for fixed income portfolio management
  • Capital Solutions - Aiming to help financial institutions increase efficiencies across debt and lending products such as asset backed securities and loans

  • Asset Servicing Solutions – Increasing efficiency with improved shareholder information (for issuers) and corporate actions information (for investors)

Tapping into the data universe

As a trusted financial market infrastructure with a network of over 2,000 clients globally, Euroclear is at the centre of an immense galaxy of financial data. But the data universe is vast and ever expanding, and so are the possibilities for collaboration to provide even richer insights.

Our solutions will take advantage of the data already available in the Euroclear group – but that’s just the start. We will continue to work with our clients and other partners to develop data-driven solutions to tackle industry issues.

Why Euroclear?

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€28.8 trillion assets held in custody for our clients

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€791 trillion in turnover annually

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1.7 million securities held on our books

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>2,000 clients globally

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