Pierre Delville

Chief Data Officer - Euroclear

Pierre is the Chief Data Officer of the Euroclear Group since June 2019. In this role, Pierre steers developments creating value for Euroclear clients through enhanced data practices. The responsibilities of Pierre encompass data governance, data quality, meta-data management, as well as Euroclear Information Solutions and the development of advanced data platforms and analytics.

Prior to Euroclear, he worked for BNP Paribas where he managed several key projects for its investment banking arm (acquisitions, post-merger integration, business development of flow and structured derivatives products), most notably in the front office of the Equity and Commodity Derivatives unit. 

As academic background, Pierre is an engineer who, during his studies, built an autonomous robot, as well as augmented reality glasses. After his studies he joined the Boston Consulting Group, where he was as a consultant for several years before joining the financial services industry.