Marie-Anne Haegeman

Head of Banking & Network - Euroclear Bank

Marie-Anne started her career in KBC Group in 1988. After having taken on different management positions in finance, she became a general manager of the group risk department at the end of 2007. In that role she was responsible for ALM risk management, ICAAP and the process and modelling department. In 2011 Marie-Anne moved to a 1 LoD role in treasury, becoming the treasurer for the KBC Insurance Group. As from 2014, she returned to the 2 LoD as the CRO of the Belgian business unit and of CBC. 

In 2018 she decided to leave KBC Group to take on a new challenge within Euroclear as the CRO of Euroclear Bank. In addition to this role, in 2020 she became the chair of Euroclear’s Belgian works council. In November 2021, she moved back to the first line, taking the role of Head of Banking and Network Management. She is member of the Euroclear Bank’s Management Committee and Executive Board Member.

As from 2019 she also is a non-executive director on the Board of Argenta, a Belgian bank and insurance company.