Edwin De Pauw

Managing Director, Head of Data Services and Innovation - Euroclear

Edwin De Pauw, Managing Director, is Head of the Data Services and Innovation division at Euroclear SA. 

Emerging technologies such as Distributed Ledger Technology, Cloud, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics could be game-changers for the financial services industry. The objective of the division is to seize opportunities created by these new technologies and by the vast amounts of reference and transaction data at Euroclear to address market inefficiencies and to increase transparency and liquidity in view of MiFid II and other regulations.

In this role, he also looks to establish partnerships with clients and Fintech companies to bring relevant innovative solutions to market and to foster collaborative innovation practices across the Euroclear group. 

Previously, Edwin was in charge of Product Management Core Custody and Settlement Europe at Euroclear SA. In this capacity, he was responsible for the strategic positioning of Euroclear in the Target2-Securities (T2S) and post-Brexit environment.

Mr De Pauw is actively involved in the harmonisation and standardisation of market practices within Euroclear’s seven domestic CSD markets, as well as further across Europe. He is co-chair of the newly created Shareholders Rights Directive II Industry working group and leading the Shareholders Identification task force as well as the Corporate Actions Joint Working Group and the European Market Implementation Group and he serves as a member of the General Meetings Joint Working Group and the EC Expert group on technical aspects of Corporate Governance processes. 

Earlier in his career, Mr De Pauw headed up the Fixed Income Product Management and New Issues department at Euroclear Bank, where he was responsible for overseeing the acceptance of new issues, the allocation of ISIN codes and the maintenance of securities reference data.  

Mr De Pauw joined Euroclear in 1995 where he held a senior role within the Audit department. In his time in this role, he was responsible for a number of projects, including the audit of Euroclear’s transition to the euro.