Euroclear Finland and Euroclear Sweden

The following Executive Committees were created in line with requirements under the new CSD Regulation: 

Executive Committee Euroclear Finland

Hanna Vainio
Chief Executive Officer

Mikko Numminen 
Head of Risk Management

Kati Honkajuuri-Kokkonen 
Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs

Kamal Iberraken 
Chief Information Officer

Jyrki Partanen 
Head of Commercial

Päivi Penttilä 
Chief Operations Officer

Anu Puttonen 
Head of Product Management

Harri Hukkinen 
Head of Finance

Heidi Malkki 
Chief Compliance Officer

Pekka Isosomppi 
Head of Communications & Public Affairs 

Maria Ljungeld 
Head of HR and Corporate Services

Executive Committee Euroclear Sweden

Michael Carty
Chief Executive Officer

Kamal Iberraken 
Chief Information Officer

Annelie Lindahl 
Chief Operating Officer 

Anders Löfgren
Chief Business Development Officer

Max Mennfort 
Head of Legal Affairs

Jan Sjödin
Chief Compliance Officer

Denny Sternad 
Head of CEO Office

Karin Strand
Head of Marketing & Communications

Niels Van Hee
Chief Administration Officer 

Kristina Åkerberg
Chief Risk Officer