Amsterdam/Brussels/Paris – 21 April 2021 -  ESES CSDs (namely Euroclear France, Euroclear Belgium and Euroclear Nederland) have launched a new shareholder identification service called InvestorInsight. 

InvestorInsight, a cloud based service is designed for issuers and intermediaries. It allows issuers through a user friendly web solution to manage their disclosure requests and receive a complete view of all their shareholders in respect of new standards defined by the new Shareholder Rights Directive II.

This new level of transparency which includes full monitoring of shareholder responses and producing data reports on collected information, will create new opportunities for issuers to improve their corporate governance and engagement with their investor base.

During the pilot phase, which was done in close collaboration with issuers and intermediaries, the platform identified shareholders from over 130 countries; 600 intermediaries connected to InvestorInsight; more than 300,000 shareholders were identified and shareholder coverage consisted of 95% of the total number of shares  for certain companies.

Franck Brunet, Securities Department Manager at Gecina said: “As a member of the pilot group on the InvestorInsight shareholder identification project, we benefited from the professionalism and engagement of the Euroclear teams during each step of this challenging initiative until its completion.”

Isabelle Delorme, Chief Business Officer of ESES commented: “We are extremely pleased to announce that InvestorInsight is now live. The launch represents an important milestone in fostering direct communication between issuers and their shareholders while bringing increased efficiencies to the market.”

About Euroclear

Euroclear group is the financial industry’s trusted provider of post trade services. Euroclear provides settlement and custody of domestic and cross-border securities for bonds, equities and derivatives to investment funds. Euroclear is a proven, resilient capital market infrastructure committed to delivering risk-mitigation, automation and efficiency at scale for its global client franchise.

The Euroclear group includes Euroclear Bank - which is rated AA+ by Fitch Ratings and AA by Standard & Poor’s - as well as Euroclear Belgium, Euroclear Finland, Euroclear France, Euroclear Nederland, Euroclear Sweden and Euroclear UK & Ireland. The Euroclear group settled the equivalent of EUR 897 trillion in securities transactions in 2020, representing 276 million domestic and cross-border transactions, and held EUR 32.8 trillion in assets for clients by end 2020.

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"The  launch of InvestorInsight represents an important milestone in fostering direct communication between issuers and their shareholders while bringing increased efficiencies to the market"

Isabelle Delorme, Chief Business Officer of ESES, Euroclear

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