Harold Finders

Interim Chairman

Harold Finders has been director of Euroclear SA/NV since 2017 and Chair of its Remuneration Committee since 2018. He was previously on the board of the group's holding companies, Euroclear plc and Euroclear Holding SA/NV until May 2019.

He is a member of the Nominations, Remuneration & Governance Committee.

Mr Finders was previously CEO of SunGard Financial Systems, leading a worldwide staff of 14,000, providing capital markets and asset management & servicing solutions to the world's leading financial institutions. Mr Finders joined SunGard in 1996. During this time he led several mergers and acquisitions, the largest valued at USD 800m. Mr Finders is an investor in 2 early-stage technology start-ups, speaks four languages and is used to working in diverse multi-cultural organisations.

He holds Swiss and Dutch nationality. Mr Finders has a MBA from the Faculty of Business & Economics (HEC) of University of Lausanne.