Settlement penalties - trial period

To minimise your operational burden, we have designed an easy process for you to participate in the trial period ('dry run'): simply sign up for the dry run via EasyWay, our web-based interface for real-time access to Euroclear services.  

The trial period runs until 31 January 2022. During this phase, we will report penalties on matched instructions that have reached their Intended Settlement Date (ISD) and that either: 

  • matched after the ISD 
  • failed to settle or settled partially (penalised for the remaining unsettled amount) 
  • were put on hold 

We will not trigger the collection and re-distribution process as the Settlement Discipline Regime will only be activated on 1 February 2022. 

Use your MyEuroclear credentials to access these pages for more information on the trial period including how to register for it if you do not have access to EasyWay: