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"When I joined Euroclear in 2013 there were 40 people in the Krakow office. We are now more than 450! Looking back, this fast growth has been a real adventure for all of us."

Anna - the Interview

Job title : Team Leader, Income Post Payment Processing

Location : Krakow

Can you tell us about your role at Euroclear?

I am a team leader in the Income department of our Krakow office. We look after post-payment processing. In simple words, when a stock or bond makes a payment to its shareholder through dividends or coupons, my team ensures that it is correctly processed. We deal with hundreds of such payments each day which makes it a very challenging job.

Most of these payments are automated, yet there are always cases where we need to intervene manually, or even hand over the file to our colleagues from the investigation team in case the payment is very complex.

Since I’ve joined Euroclear two years ago, my team and I have developed strong technical expertise in this field. Now my focus is increasingly on people management. Euroclear is putting various resources at my disposal to self-develop and succeed as a Team Leader. A concrete example is the capacity management technology allowing me to coordinate my teams activities. From a personal development side, Euroclear is continuously supporting me through training, or for example by funding my post-graduate studies in people management.

What made you choose to join Euroclear?

Having completed my studies, a Master in Economics and a second Master in European Law, I worked three years in the financial sector. I knew Euroclear by reputation and by being a client through my previous job. I had experienced how reliable they were as a provider.

When I heard via a friend that Euroclear was setting up a business in Krakow, I took my chance and applied. And I do not regret it!

I must admit I had no clear idea on what specific roles would suit me best. I remember showing openness during my interviews. They had a careful look at my competencies and offered me a different position than the one for which I originally applied.

When I joined Euroclear in 2013 there were 40 people in the Krakow office. We are now more than 450! Looking back, this fast growth has been a real adventure for all of us.  We have learned so much, and are now able to share best practices with our newcomers. This allows all of us to be more efficient. 

How connected is Krakow to Euroclear’s international business?

Euroclear is truly international. We have 15 locations around the world and links to 46 markets. We have established excellent collaborations with the other locations, if not friendship ! Our daily videoconference with our colleagues in Brussels and or our networking programme ensures that we can further develop these relationships.

Can Finance be fun ?

Of course! There are plenty of opportunities for the team to get together and have fun. We regularly organise fun events, or cooking evenings. Our movie club is also very popular !

You are always to welcome to propose a fun activity, a social or even a charity event.  I was most proud to be involved in a charity run with five colleagues. We were able to collect a significant amount of money for the association, it was a real honour to do this in the name of Euroclear.

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