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You are the first to know

In the business of identifying new trading opportunities and setting up assets to support your custody services, timely information makes all the difference.

We are there to ensure you receive timely information on new Eurobond issuances coming to market. to help you make informed decisions – just as the market evolves.

Eurobond New Issues Alert – what is it?

Euroclear Bank as the primary Central Securities Depository and national numbering agency allocates new XS ISINs for all new Eurobonds. As soon as an ISIN is requested by the Lead Manager, Euroclear Bank validates and creates the security.

The Eurobond New Issue Alert sources data from Euroclear Bank and offers you near real-time notifications of all the new Eurobonds coming to market.

Key advantages


Daily feed of all new securities created on that day well ahead of the first closing date.

Data quality

High quality data sourced from Euroclear Bank, the primary Central Securities Depository and national numbering agency. Euroclear Bank uses the same data for its core business.

Full coverage

Never miss a new issuance. The feed covers the entire Eurobond universe across all asset classes and issuers.

Automation of asset set-up

Seamlessly integrate the data into your own securities master database.

Operational support

Our experts from the Euroclear Bank New Issues Operations team are here to provide you with operational support.

Do you have the right set of data?

Here are a few questions to consider:

  • How quickly can I trade if I get a request to trade in a new security?
  • What's happening in the market?
  • Do I have information on all securities of interest?
  • What is the process of a new security set up in my organisation? 
  • Can my system quickly set up a new security?

How it works

The Eurobond New Issues Alert includes all Eurobond asset classes. You can subscribe to receive either all asset classes or Money-Market Instruments only.

The feed contains up to 40 key securities reference data of the new security such as the ISIN, issuer, minimum tradable amount, issued amount and maturity date.

Timing and frequency

The end of day file is produced approximately at 22:30 CET.

Delivery and format

The New Issue Alert is a JSON file available via MFT. The end of day file includes all the securities created on that day.

For more information

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Who are we

Euroclear is a leading market infrastructure.

As the preeminent post-trade provider for the international securities business, we provide highly reliable reference data, timely and accurate corporate actions information and meaningful data intelligence on market liquidity. The same data is used in our core Custody and Settlement business.

Our broad view of the market enables our customers to make informed and proprietary decisions based on high-grade, detailed and timely post-trade information, drawing on a large pool of data to achieve outcomes that no one firm could achieve alone.

The Euroclear group is made up of Euroclear Bank, Euroclear Belgium, Euroclear France, Euroclear Nederland, Euroclear Finland, Euroclear Sweden and Euroclear UK & International.