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Efficient liquidity management

Efficient liquidity management

As we enter a new regulatory era within the financial markets, efficient and optimal use of liquidity and capital reserves has become key to meeting the requirements of Basel III and EMIR, to name but two.

Burning liquidity issues you may need to address include:

How to improve your intra-day financing?

  • Can you access the right range of counterparties?
  • Can you mobilise your collateral effectively?
  • And do you have real-time reporting and forecasting on your liquidity needs throughout the day? 

How to reduce your borrowing costs and lower credit consumption?

  • Is it possible to capitalise on automatic inventory optimisation and T2S auto-collateralisation? 

How to control your balance sheet?

  • Can you net your securities financing transactions across multiple markets? 

How to manage the increasing margin call volumes on OTC derivatives?

Read more about how Euroclear can help you efficiently manage your liquidity.


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access liquidity - reduce costs

Euroclear gives you access to:

Europe’s largest liquidity pool
with over €28 trillion worth of assets held for our clients

Funding with over 2,000 counterparties
both domestic and international

One of the world’s largest pools of assets
with nearly €1 trillion outstanding on the Collateral Highway

Multiple trading venue and clearing house flows

Integrated ICSD and CSD
financing and collateral management services

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