Services for participants

Efficient settlement services for participants.

We offer a platform for secure and efficient trade

We settle transactions in our system amounting to 553 billion EUR on a yearly basis. As a bank or broker, you expect safe and cost-efficient securities trading.

As the Central Securities Depository (CSD) in the Finnish market, we provide an infrastructure for clearing and settlement, where money and securities change owners in a safe and efficient way.

Efficient and reliable settlement services

We have a long-standing experience in clearing and settlement in the Finnish securities market. Through us you will gain access to a flexible, efficient and reliable clearing and settlement process.
We are
  • offering Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) settlement, ensuring the simultaneous transfer of cash to the seller and securities to the buyer (DVP model 1)
  • free of payment or against payment settlement in euro central bank money, meaning that the cash leg takes place by transferring cash from the buyer’s to the seller’s account with the Finnish National Central Bank, further reducing risk
  • for both on-exchange (bilateral and netting by central counterparty) and Over-The-Counter (OTC) transactions
  • for both domestic and cross-border transactions: we operate a free-of-payment cross-border link with Euroclear Sweden
  • in real-time with real-time reporting
  • using ISO 15022 and ISO 20022 standards
  • applying Finnish market practices 
  • offering TARGET2 opening hours
  • international standard formats

Euroclear Finland's participants

We have listed our participants by their roles. You can also find their BIC codes and account operator's IDs on the list. See the list on right-hand column.

Want to become a CSD participant?

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Towards T2S

The next stage of our market development is to join the TARGET2-Securities platform of ECB in the near future. This development brings new features to our market, such as:

  • night-time and daytime settlement
  • DvP settlement moving completely to T2S

Our new CSD system, Infinity, secures local safekeeping and issuance as well as smoothens the way to the European community.

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Our tariff

Our tariff

Here you can find our tariff for participant services.