Insider services

Secure your insider management

When legislation, obligations and company reputation are at stake, it is important that all insider management is taken care of securely and efficiently, in the same system.

Euroclear’s Insider Services are designed to ease insider management for companies and their persons under a statutory obligation to report their holdings. 

The service covers both the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) and insider management needs defined by the national regulation.

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Minimize risks and secure your information

Strong identification and secure safe keeping of personal data and insider information guarantee you a peace of mind. 

Optimize time management

Work more efficiently without filling in forms, working manually and printing reports.

Automate workflow and ensure information's correctness

An easy-to-use service helps you fulfil the law-mandated obligations by automatically reminding and notifying users of important events.


For the company's admin user

Your assistant in managing your insiders, from sending reminders to monitoring and editing lists.

  • Comprehensive lists. Take advantage of your mandatory lists and registers, and when needed create your own lists.   

  • Easy management. Simple management of insider lists and registers – create, edit and terminate lists swiftly. 

  • Always up to date. Follow your company’s lists and set alarms for changes in persons’ holdings on the list.

  • Automatic reminders. Keep the people on the lists always up-to-date and remind them to maintain and check their data. 

For private person

The service helps you taking care of your obligations. All the data you need for managing your insider information is available in one place.

  • Easy administration. Store all the information regarding you and your closely associated persons, both personal data and holdings, including instruments outside of the book-entry system in one place.

  • Maintain information and ensure its correctness. 
  • Always up-to-date information. Information on start and end of closed periods as well as the lists and registers to which you belong. 

  • Viewing and reporting. Easily browse, print, and save information as a report in the service.


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Euroclear Finland’s privacy notice explains how we handle personal data.
The privacy notice is defined in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation and can be found here


Electronic identification

Users login to the service using strong electronic identification.

GDPR and data protection

A reliable service keeps personal data safe in one place. All data is stored securely in the EU area.  

Local help desk

Our help desk serves you swiftly in English and in Finnish.