ISIN code assignment

Euroclear Finland is the National Numbering Agency (NNA) in Finland

Euroclear Finland allocates ISIN, FISN and CFI codes for securities issued in Finland. All NNAs belong to the global Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) and we together take care of identification codes of the international financial markets according to the ISO standards. 

An International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) is an alphanumeric code which uniquely identifies a specific security or other financial instrument. The code is constructed according to the international ISO 6166 standard and consists of a country code, serial number and check digit, such as FI0000123456. 

ISIN codes are allocated to a wide range of financial instruments. They are required for all listed securities and other instruments issued in book-entry systems. Today, regulators require ISIN codes also for OTC derivatives and a new body under ANNA was established, Derivative Service Bureau, which takes care of ISIN allocation for all derivative instruments. 

Allocation of ISIN codes in Finland

For a share issued in the book-entry register

  • ISIN code will be allocated as part of the issuance process and we take care of it. For more information please contact ca.finland(at)

For a bond issued in the book-entry register

For  a warrant issued in the book-entry system

  • ISIN codes can be allocated as bulk reservations (pre-allocation of ISIN codes). For more information please contact debt.finland(at)

For a security issued outside of the book-entry register

For OTC derivatives

  • Derivative Service Bureau allocates all international ISIN codes for derivative instruments. Please, refer to

If you are looking for general information about ISIN codes, please refer to the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA).