Euroclear Finland tariff update is taking place in November.

Change valid as of 1 November 2019

We have changed the issued amount based monthly fees for bond issuers. The basis point fee on the highest level of the scale has been decreased (issued amount exceeds 50m EUR).


Changes valid as of 30 September 2019

Following the implementation of Partial Settlement in Infinity, which will take place in September, we have updated the tariff documentation to reflect the settlement of each part of partially settled instruction. If the settlement instruction is settled in many parts, we charge for each part according to our valid tariff. These fees are:

• Settlement instruction fees (T2S, DvP, FoP, account allocations)

• Modification fees for partial indicator and priority indicator

• Settlement message fees 

• Security position transfer fees 

For further information about Partial Settlement, please refer to our updated Service Description on MyEuroclear.

In addition, we have updated the following service fees:

• Different types of Euroclear Finland specialist fees 

• Fees for private placement / redemption of own shares  

The full list of updates and changes is available in the Document Change Notice (DCN) of the tariff.