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Effortless yet effective securities issuance

As you look to meet your shareholders' expectations and compliance obligations, you also have an eye on securing new investors and managing costs.

"Issuers choose to work with us for our ability to cut complexity and risk. We offer fast and cost-effective securities issuance and distribution services", says Esa Kankkunen, Sales and Relationship Manager in Euroclear Finland.

You benefit from efficient issuer services and corporate action processing, as well as expert client support, throughout the lifecycle of your instruments. And to ensure you have access to an up-to-date list of shareholders at all times, you maintain owner information in a digitalised format.

Value added services - Key features and benefits

  • Full support throughout the securities lifecycle
  • Access to the official source of the digitalised owner information register
  • Up-to-date reports of registered shareholders and their holdings
  • Extensive electronic registration and voting services for all general meetings
  • Insider register services for both listed and financial institutions
  • Efficient corporate actions and income payment services

Sire Forms and NetSire

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Any questions?

Contact Esa Kankkunen
Tel: +358 (0)20 770 6284

Contact Esa Kankkunen

Issuer & Issuer Agent Operations 
Daily service
Tel: +358 (0)20 770 6539


Value added services

Customised general meeting services

By using our general meeting services your company can leave the administration to us and focus on the shareholders and content of the meeting.

Receiving registrations from shareholders keeps your company busy before the annual general meeting. Hundreds of attendees or troublesome voting can complicate and slow down the progress of the meeting.

Service adapted to your needs
Our services comprise of registration of notifications to the general meeting, voting during the meeting and other administrative and follow-up procedures afterwards.

Use our experts
We also provide you with technical hardware and our experienced people are present throughout the meeting.

Customised service for you

Some of the benefits of using our general meeting services include:

  • Extensive services for receiving registrations from shareholders before the meeting
  • Up-to-date reports of registered shareholders and their holdings
  • Accurate registration of attendees on site and votes with the bar code technique
  • Accurate information about the attendees and the votes they represent
  • Relevant documents about the attendees and votes for the minutes of the meeting

You can choose from

  • Full scope of GM Services 
  • Reporting services (lighter set-up)
  • Call center services


Maintaining your insider registers with Sire

Our Insider Register Service (Sire) offers efficient tools for maintaining an insider register and tracking securities trading that are subject to the disclosure obligation. In addition, Sire helps you meet the Market Abuse regulatory requirements.

Maintain the information of persons subject to the disclosure obligation, persons closely associated with them, and the corporations in which they exercise control or influence.

Order reports on persons subject to the disclosure obligation and their holdings.

See a separate list of holdings outside the book-entry system in Sire, which
includes a private insider register and maintains permanent and project-specific private registers.

Sire - Benefits for your company

  • Makes the regular monitoring of securities trading by persons with a disclosure obligation easy 
  • Secure internet connection 
  • Order an unlimited number of reports with one monthly fee
  • Always up-to-date

Owner and holding information

All of our clients can subscribe to the Owner Info service. You can use the service to order the following information regarding Finnish issuers of securities registered in the book-entry system.

• List of 100 largest owners
• List of owners
• Foreign holdings
• Everyone can order the information, however clients who are not issuers may only order the information for the working day preceding the order.
• Historical information may only be ordered by issuers themselves.

Benefits - Owner info service

With our Owner Info service, companies registered in the book-entry system can effortlessly order reports on their owners and the changes in their holdings. Basic owner information on holdings is always up to date and the information is updated every working day.

  • Aimed for all kinds of companies 
  • Historical information available from the year 2000 
  • Several useful types of holding information reports 
  • Secure internet connection
  • The user interface and reports are available in Finnish, Swedish and English

Fast and easy to use
Using a recurring order is an efficient way of automating the ordering of information such as the owner information required for interim reports.

Ban on direct marketing in Finland

Euroclear Finland maintains shareholder registers and waiting lists information about companies incorporated into the Finnish book-entry system...

According to law this kind of information is public. You can consult the shareholder register and the waiting list in the premises of the Central Securities Depository.

Non-disclosure requests sent to the Population Information Centre or to any other equivalent register is not updated in the shareholder register maintained by Euroclear Finland.

If you don’t wish your personal data to be used for direct marketing or for market research and opinion polls, you can send a non-disclosure request to us.

What it contains?

It covers all companies incorporated in the book-entry system. However, companies may mail company related material to their shareholders.

How to move forward?

The non-disclosure request can be sent to us:

  • by email or mail
  • include your name, date of birth and address

Please contact us also regarding the non-disclosure request of personal information for personal safety reasons.

How to contact us:
Euroclear Finland Ltd
Issuer Services
P.O. Box 1110
FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland

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Our tariff

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