Fast and efficient securities issuance

Euroclear Finland offers fast and efficient securities issuance and distribution with a strong focus on risk management and quality. Above all, you gain streamlined and harmonised access to the broadest range of investors across your local market.

We are the leading place of issuance in Finland, with a longstanding and proven track record of connecting issuers and end-investors.

Today’s issuers need to tap into the right funding and liquidity sources while managing costs and market risk. This means accessing the broadest range of local and international investors and having a good view of potential risks from leading reporting processes.

Our focus on risk management and data quality means you, and your investors, get an accurate and complete view at all times.

Our flexible services are suited for both small and larger companies. Your company does not need to be public or listed to incorporate your financial instruments to our book-entry system.

By joining our system you will have access to our:

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Key features and benefits

  • access to a wide range of Finnish and international investors
  • choice of instrument type, currency and legal jurisdiction
  • fast and efficient distribution
  • transparent and accurate shareholder information
  • full support throughout the securities lifecycle

Eligible instruments

The following instruments are eligible to be issued in our book-entry system:

  • shares
  • cooperative shares
  • commercial papers
  • convertible bonds
  • retail bonds
  • covered warrants
  • depository receipts
  • options and bonds with warrants

Easily manage investor relationships

Outsource the burden and benefit from our automated solutions:

  • up-to-date reports of registered shareholders and their holdings
  • extensive services for receiving registrations and votes electronically from shareholders before the general meeting
  • insider register services
  • the Extranet services give you access to your shareholder information anywhere in the world

Issuance in the book-entry system

Issuing new securities can be a complex business and requires a service that goes much further than ISIN code allocation. From that perspective, there are many good reasons why you should incorporate your company's financial instruments to our book-entry system.

A public or private limited company may swiftly and securely issue shares or other share-entitling securities, as well as retail bonds, through our book-entry securities system.

We offer:

  • electronic form of securities
  • ISIN codes for the securities to be issued (available in MyEuroclear)
  • maintenance of shareholder, bearer and creditor registers
  • effective reporting on changes in holdings
  • consultation in all issuance-related procedures and in corporate actions

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Benefits of using the book-entry system for issuers

By having the shares electronically registered in the book-entry system, you will always have easy access to up-to-date shareholder lists, as well as efficient management of dividend payments and other corporate actions. Moreover, you can benefit from our general meeting and insider register services.

All companies can benefit from using the book-entry system, no matter the size.

Finnish book-entry register
A company whose shares are publicly traded or is admitted to public trading is obliged to incorporate the shares into the book-entry system.

Public Information on book-entry holdings
The shareholder registers in the book-entry system is public in Finland. If you are interested in receiving information about shareholdings, please contact Euroclear Finland’s client service.

The registers of debt, warrants and foreign securities are not public. However, the issuer of the security has access to the owner information through Euroclear Finland.

Characteristics of book-entry system

  • Securities are registered in electronic form as deposits on the book-entry accounts
  • Account operators maintain the investors' accounts of behalf of their clients
  • Transactions registered on the accounts are automatically delivered to the shareholder register
  • The company's shareholder register is always up-to-date
  • Also private companies and cooperatives can utilize the system and the benefits of the service. There are no special requirements as to which companies can join.

Book-entry system in brief

  • Established in 1992
  • Maintains the register for over 350 companies, both equity and bond issuers
  • An electronic register for securities
  • Also possible to affiliate with foreign securities
  • Both owner registered and nominee registered accounts are possible
  • Investor services are offered by account operators who also take care of changes in holdings

Log on to the Extranet

Log on to the Extranet

Manage your shareholder register, general meetings and get access to other reports

Looking for operational info?

Looking for operational info?

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