About us

We are the national central securities depository with comprehensive issuance and post trade services, in operation for more than 25 years. With full faith and credit, we are the owner of the digital ownership register and offer reliable owner information in a timely manner. We aim to smoothen the road to further digitalisation.

Currently there are over 10,000 instruments issued through Euroclear Finland, held on over 2.3 million safekeeping accounts. The value of holdings is over 460 billion EUR. 

We want to be an active market player and dialogue initiator for developing the post-trade and financial markets together with our clients. The mega trends and international changes will alter the current landscape and we want to be ready by keeping up an open and active dialogue about the world, says Hanna Vainio, CEO of Euroclear Finland.

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What makes us different?

  • Transparency in holdings: over 2.3 million digital book-entry accounts
  • Reliable and timely shareholder information in digital format 
  • Digital ownership register provides the best possible protection for the investors
  • Public display on shareholder registers at our premises 
  • T2S and CSDR compliant issuance and settlement system 

Our services

  • Issuance service with reliable shareholder information
  • Comprehensive General Meeting and owner information services
  • Asset classes – wide-range of different instruments
  • Smooth T2S compliant settlement processes 
  • Automated corporate action processes
  • Income payments – automated service and reporting
  • Reliable tax services 

Euroclear Finland as National Numbering Agency

Euroclear Finland is the number assignor for Finnish securities (National Number Agency).

An ISIN code is constructed according to the international ISO standard and consists of a country code, serial number and check digit, such as FI0000123456. We assign ISIN numbers for Finnish shares after we have received a complete affiliation application. Please contact us for more information about ISIN numbers.