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We provide extensive training for all client groups. From our offering, you can find both yearly training modules as well as trainings designed based on specified needs - for issuers and participants. Find further information on our training offering on this page and contact us for information! 

Training modules

Training for issuers

  • AGM training modules
  • Income training modules
  • Insider Register training

Training for participants

  • Infinity training modules
  • Taxmill training if needed
  • Training videos for Infinity users

You can find further information and our training calendar from MyEuroclear from this link (requires registration).

Tailored training

We provide training for speficic needs for example for 

  • New issuers
  • New participants
  • Changes in business structure or other special situations
  • Client-specific tailored training

Contact us

Training requests
For training requests, sales and client relationship matters, please contact our Commercial team in Finland: 

Training channels

You can find your best fit from our selection of training methods.

Training channels

  • Classroom training models in our premises
  • Webinar training sessions
  • Infinity training videos
  • Tailored training sessions based on your needs 

Training for you

You can find a suitable training from our offering - we offer training modules from webinars to class room trainings for both issuers and depository participants. We organize yeartly training sessions as well as tailored training days to suit your needs. 

Following the launch of our new CSD system, Infinity, we renewed our offering to better respond to the various needs of our different clients. Participant training modules covers various trainings - from beginners training to topical trainings for users in different roles.

As an issuer, you will be able to attend the most important yearly trainings for General Meetings, income payments as well as insider register task training. Issuer trainings are organized on yearly basis - make sure that you receive an invitation to our training sessions! 


Kirjaudu Extranettiin

Sire Insider register service, Shareholder Information and General Meeting (YK-Extranet) services in Extranet.

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