Euroclear Sweden's Target State

Latest proposals on harmonisation target state

In a report prepared by the Coordination Forum for Swedish Post-Trade Harmonisation in January 2021, a first set of activities of a harmonisation roadmap was identified, including reviews of the account model, the participant structure, the issuer agent model and corporate actions as well as settlement.

As Euroclear Sweden completes the reviews, we will publish our proposals and identified need for changes to business processes, and legislation here.

Latest discussion papers

It is recommended to read all the documents as a joint proposal. Although described in separate documents, the areas of account structure, related functions and responsibilities of involved participants are highly linked and interdependent.

Target Participant Structure in Euroclear Sweden

Version 3.0

Target Securities Account Model in Euroclear Sweden

JUNE 2022
Version 3.0

Target Issuer Agent Model in Euroclear Sweden

JUNE 2022
Version 2.0

Target Model for Corporate Actions Processing in Euroclear Sweden

Version 1.0

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